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Time to update?

I’ve enjoyed the theme I’ve used on this site. I like the subdued, rustic, papery look of it.

But holy cow, it’s old. This theme hasn’t been supported in something like a gazillion years (give or take). So I think it’s finally time to go in a different direction.

Question… should I stay with the rustic-ish papery feel? Or should I do something cleaner and more streamlined? Since this is my personal site, not a commercial or business site, I feel like I have freedom to do pretty much whatever I want. But I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has an opinion on the matter.

I’m hoping to stay in the realm of free, but I won’t completely rule out a paid theme if it’s completely awesome. I can use any standalone theme, or any child theme for the Genesis Framework.

I’m currently using the Nameless child theme on

I’m using the very minimal Stargazer child theme on the underdeveloped However it seems that the developers page has gone offline.

I think the Terragon theme is pretty sharp looking, and would maintain the subdued, rustic kind of flavor I currently have.

There are dozens of free Genesis child themes out there, and hundreds (maybe thousands) of other free themes around. I just have to decide what will be a good fit for me.

Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “Time to update?”

  1. Dan Allen says:

    When my hobby was racing radio-controlled cars, there was a saying: “it’s my toy, and I will do what I want with it.”

    It’s your blog, Amy. It doesn’t matter what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Barack Obama would do. What matters is what do you want it to do?

    Do you wish it looked different? Do you have a vision you would like to fulfill?

    Do you need help with generating the design? Actual design is a rare talent, difficult and costly to come by. That is the hurdle holding a lot of people back from getting a design they love.

  2. I rather like Terragon. The rustic feel is nice :) In the end, it’s your choice, but that’s my two cents. :)

    • Amy says:

      Good golly – how did I miss your comment, Thea? Terragon does look nice – similar to what I already have here, and as it’s a child theme of Genesis, it would be a reasonable fit with my other sites. :)

  3. Reziac says:

    I haven’t changed the look of my sites since the first ones went online in 1998. Outdated? Yeah. Do I care? No. The only person they really have to please is me.

    I greatly prefer (and find much more readable) this parchment-and-brown look and layout to your other sites, so maybe old and outdated has merit. :)

    • Amy says:

      I like it too. The real problem is that it doesn’t let me use the available functionality. Simple-ish things like drop-down menus.

      I know the “rustic” look is out, and the “clean” look is in, but dang it, I like rustic.

      You can see how quick I’ve been to change things too as this post was put up well over a year ago. My poor neglected blog!

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