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Checking in on my goals

| June 12, 2014

The year is almost half over. I can hardly believe it! And a busy year it has been, too. But has it been productive? Well, let’s check in on that and see how I’m doing. I’d set myself some goals at the beginning of January. Basically, I wanted to: Write more consistently Read more often […]

Treadmill Desk

| October 2, 2012

I put together a simple treadmill desk using Rubbermaid wire shelves and zip ties. Total cost about $20. Tell me what you think.

Lifestyle Changes Coming

| July 29, 2012

I am 44 years old – soon to be 45. I am seriously overweight. (In the neighborhood of 90-100 lbs.) I have some major concerns about my health and I’m completely out of shape. And I have already made the move to do something about it. I have joined Beach Body (yes, the same one […]

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