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| August 22, 2012

This past Sunday it was my privilege to paint at church. I went in not knowing what I wanted to paint and just began applying paint to the canvas. When I was done, I was incredibly pleased with what had been created. And even cooler – I got to give the painting away to someone […]

What Color Is Praise?

| August 6, 2012

At my church we do prophetic art and prophetic writing on Sunday mornings. We believe it helps to set an atmosphere of worship and speaks to people in a way that music, sermons, and fellowship just can’t. Visual art is a unique medium, and the prophetic writing we attach to our paintings often clarifies the […]

Nifty art project

| July 1, 2012

I ought to be writing. I’m not. No excuses. I’m just not. But in lieu of writing, at least I’m doing something creative once in a while. Tonight I tried out an image transfer technique that I learned about. While I’m not 100% thrilled with all the choices I made in prepping my canvas (I […]

Other Endeavors

| July 28, 2011

A friend of mine turned me on to a creative meme called Index Card a Day or ICAD for short. The idea is to do something creative at least 6 days a week. The goal is to use an index card – just one. Anyone can find time to do a single index card. It […]

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