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Peeves – the pets you don’t have to feed.

Most of us have little things that people do that we find personally uncomfortable or unreasonable distressing. They’re known as Pet Peeves. Normally they aren’t things that will hurt anyone… it’s more just those oddments that tweak us every time we hear them.

  • A type of laugh that for unexplainable reasons just grates on our nerves.
  • An unusual behavior, like a couple sitting together on one side of the booth, even when there’s nobody else with them.
  • When people sit next to you, even when there are lots of wide-open seating options available.
  • When people refer to themselves as “mommy” or “daddy” … when talking to their dog.

petpeevesYou know what I’m talking about. It’s those harmless things that others may even find cute or endearing that for whatever reason just irritate us to the point that we might even feel the need to leave the room, or (worse) verbally attack and potentially offend the person triggering our peeve reflex.

Best case scenario is when we recognize a peeve, but instead of allowing ourselves to be annoyed, we laugh at it and make light of our own irritation.

What I find particularly interesting is when I identify a peeve that was previously unknown to me. I have one that I couldn’t ever have known about until I moved to Texas.

I have a friend (Brian Moyer) that frequently says “whenever” even though he really means “when.”

Whenever is an abstract time meaning all the time or every time. Whenever I go to the store, I buy ice cream.

When is a specific time that refers to a specific event. When I went to the store yesterday, I bought ice cream.

What Brian does, is more like, Whenever I went to the store yesterday, I bought ice cream.

Drives. Me. Crazy!

And because Brian does it, I notice it when other people do it, too. Thanks Brian. Thank you so much.

No, really.



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One Response to “Peeves – the pets you don’t have to feed.”

  1. Christine Padgett says:

    One of my pet peeves has to do with pedestrian crossing signals. People stand there and hit the crossing button constantly expecting that will make it change quicker. Of course, it never works because there is a timed response built into the system and the light will change when it is programmed to change and YOU ONLY HAVE TO HIT THE BUTTON ONCE!

    Phew! Got that one off my chest. xxoo

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