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Not Black, Not White

I try to stay away from political controversy. I really do.

But sometimes it’s impossible to not have an opinion. And I guarantee that my opinion isn’t in sync with people on either end of the political spectrum.

I am, fundamentally, a moderate.

  • I believe in fairness.
  • I believe in justice.
  • I believe in personal responsibility.

Yes, people need to stand up for what they believe in. But if what you believe in makes you hateful, ugly, even murderous… I posit that you are believing the wrong thing.

There’s plenty of blame on all ends of the spectrum. There are also good ideas and good people in every camp.

I don’t want to tell anyone who to be, what to think, or how to live. I just hope that everyone strives to be the best person they can possibly be.

So, because I don’t articulate these things well, here’s a meme I made from something I said in a comment of a friend’s FaceBook post. After I hit send it hit me as being more true than I expected and I wanted to share.


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