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This post is going to be one of those boring ones, I think. Sorry about that.

It will have no clever observations.

It will have no witty repartee.

It is just a plain-old update on this blog, my life, and, ummm… stuff.

This Blog

I’ve always liked the look of my blog. The theme I’m currently using is just my kind of thing. However, it is no longer being updated, it no longer plays nice with all the current functionality of WordPress, and it stands out as very very different from the cleaner look I have on other websites that I (sort of) have going.

So, like many lovely old things, this theme needs to finally bite the dust. My goal is to update before the end of the month… we’ll see how that goes. But if you pop in here sometime and find that everything looks different, that will be why. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Author Updates

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m planning to publish as Elizabeth McCleary. (I will probably also publish as Amy Padgett, but that’s a post for another time.)

Well, I have actually gone and done it. Woot! I published a flash fiction collection called New Skin in January, and I republished my contribution to Holly Lisle’s Adventure of Creation anthology, Finding Light, as a stand alone short story just a few days ago.

For the moment I’m only on Amazon, but I will likely be adding Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other outlets before long. I’ll keep you posted.

Other tidbits

I also wanted to let you know that How To Think Sideways and How To Revise Your Novel (note: these are affiliate links) will be closing temporarily, probably by the end of this month. As Holly is updating her sites, she wants to be sure that there are no recurring payments coming in that might get broken in the transition, so she is going to do a big launch, and then close those classes until after the new version of her site is up and running. Then, when they come back, she will have periodic sign-ups rather than an “always open” model, mostly because her students seem to do better in the classes when going through them with other people who are also working through them at roughly the same time.

So, if you’ve ever considered learning to write fiction, this would be the time to sign up for Holly’s class. Think Sideways is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to plan, write, finish, and publish fiction. Revise Your Novel is perfect if you have a finished manuscript that has problems bigger than what can be fixed with basic proofreading and polishing.

And, just so you know, I am going to be offering some personal bonuses for anyone who signs up this month using my link. That will be happening through the Elizabeth McCleary site, so if you want to be sure to get those updates, please make sure you subscribe to my mailing list.

I think that’s all I have for now.

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  1. Jean says:

    My primary theme is no longer supported either, and it’s shiny new replacement is coming out essentially as a subscription. Which, I think, means I’ll be looking around for something else.

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